Photo Tips by Jimages Part 3


Photo Tips Part 3

As Shared on the Tech Net by Jim Austin

"The best camera, Is the one you have with you."

Making it Fun

Showcasing Your Photos

Join Flickr.  It's fun for amateurs and pros.  Jim's Galleries and Photostream are found there too.  Set up your own account in minutes.

MovieMate DVD Combo - portable projector, DVD and music player combo. For cruisers, who have limited storage onboard, here is an alternative. Over 10 times larger an image than a 40 inch TV. Epson's Projector is small enough to store.

Photo by Dez Pain

Creative Fun

Make your own calendar online at This site has a lot to offer for turning your photos into tangible print. Make photo books, e-books, and more.  These make nice personal gifts.   Get the kids involved too, they'll have a great time.

Super fun DIY photography at Photojojo.  How to take Impromptu Street Portraits is just one of many activities.

BigShot is an educational site where older kids learn how to build and use a camera.

School of Visual Arts NYC (SVA) for inspiration.

The World's...

- First Photo of a Human

The first photograph of a human was taken in Paris, 1838.

- First Selfie

The first self portrait photo ever made was in 1839.

- First Digital Camera

"The first digital camera, 1975, was a camera that didn't use any film to capture still images..."

- Largest Stop-Motion Animation

The entertaining GULP video was created at the seashore using a Nokia cell phone. Be sure to check out the behind the scenes look at the end of the animation. A must see!

About Jim Austin

Spontaneous Workshops Happen...

Jim is an award winning professional photographer, a certified Photoshop expert, a regular contributer to Apogee Photo magazine, and a full-time cruiser aboard "Salty Paws"

Jim shares his expertise on the Tech Net; and occasionally conducts spontaneous photo walks and workshops at an anchorage near you.


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