Photo Tips by Jimages Part 2

Photo Tips Part 2

As Shared on the Tech Net by Jim Austin

"The best camera, Is the one you have with you."

Creative Software

For Your Photos

BreezeBrowser Pro is inexpensive and is a fast and better organizer. Mark what you want to keep, and it's easy to use.

Query:  What are easy ways to get pictures onto a website?
Jim:  Use Simpleviewer. It's a free download that makes thumbnails and professional looking photo albums. Program works with Mac and PC. If you already have this program, check to see if you have the latest version.

Query:  What's a good software program to create slide shows?
Jim:  Lightroom3, from Adobe. Windows Movie Maker is excellent for working with videos; this comes bundled with Windows.
Lightroom also makes photo adjustments, and will sort photos too. It works with images, pdfs... (Stella)

Photoshop Elements is excellent software. It provides all of the tools you'll want or need for working with your digital photos. Cost is reasonable.

FYI: Gimp is a program similar to Photoshop. Its free to download. (C_Language)


Photo Resizer App by xllusion found on Google Play.
Simple Resize App found at iTunes.
Snapseed - for editing, sending, and more. Lightweight and fast.



DAN (Divers Alert Network). You can use them to insure your diving gear, including your camera.


Scan My Photos will scan physical photos, slides, negatives onto a DVD. Get them out of your shoe box.
Scan Cafe for professional scanning. Send them slides, negatives, prints. You'll get excellent results.
Query:  Will they clean up the material as they scan?
Jim:  Yes. They remove scratches, dust etc. They also offer a service just for cleaning.


Postagram Postcards for Android will print and snail mail a physical postcard of your photo to your recipient. (Cat Tales)



A Polarizer will make water and sky bluer with less glare. These are relatively inexpensive. Polarizers are also made for some point and shoot cameras. If not, get one and duct tape it over your lens.
It's the best purchase you can make for you camera.

A Sky Filter protects the lens and is color neutral. Think of it as a mechanical "fender" for your lens.


High quality SD cards are more reliable. The brands I recommend are SanDisk and Hoodman. Toshiba now has a wifi hotspot SD card for wireless transfer.

Flash Diffuser and Tripod in One

Two in one for all of ten cents. Learn how to make one.


Four choices:
1. Merlin Steadicam approx $850.
2. Steadycam Counterweight. Build it yourself for $14. Videos and full instructions online.
3. GorillaPod. A small inexpensive, flexible tripod.
4. The Ten Cent Tripod.
Bentley, aboard Salty Paws, invented a super lightweight tripod made from a discarded CD tower and some nuts and bolts. It's great for photos inside museums and anywhere. Photos with instructions are at Jimages.
A fishing pole waist belt works great with a Steadycam Counterweight. (Scaramouche)

Care and Cleaning

Clean and Snazzy

Use Altura lens cleaning kit.
While in storage, protect your camera from humidity with silica gel or use rice grains if you have no silica.
Query:  Would kitty litter work?
Jim:  That would work if it's silica-based.

Use Dust Off, an air spray, on lenses and camera view finder. It will also prevent dust from getting into the body. Always use on the lens only, never use on the inside of the lens or sensor. Remember to spray the inside of the lens cap too. Comment: Kleenex facial tissues are soft and gentle and work well as a cleaning agent. Air cleaning is preferred over something abrasive. Turn the camera upside down to help remove dust. Also clean connectors. If the connectors are dirty, the auto-focus won't work properly. (Zephyr)

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