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Use zip bags then apply clips to isolate areas of water to make multi cubes. (C_Language)

Reuse 8 oz. yogurt containers with lids to make ice. The lids prevent spillage and evaporation in the freezer. The shape and size of the container makes ice that's perfect for use in a tumbler. (Slow Mocean)

Publix brand yogurt in 6 oz. containers accept Pringles lids for ice-making. Most yogurt manufacturers are no longer using real lids. (Valkyrie)

Publix brand sour cream (small size) comes in containers with plastic tops. (Valkyrie)

You can use mini plastic storage containers with lids for making ice. These can be found in four-packs at the Dollar Store.

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Issue: Meter showing low output; 1 amp on 12 VDC supply.
Amp meter should show 15-25 A on high power transmit.
Configure for SWR and test on transmit where 1 is okay/good.
Check antenna connections - GTO.
Check mike gain by transmitting on AM.
Check for pin holes on GTO.

Issue: The radio just stopped working suddenly. Antenna and ground are both in good shape.
Check the cable between the radio and the tuner.
Check microphone connections.
Swap microphones with someone who has a working mic to see if mic is the problem.

Issue: Each time it's turned on, it resets.
There is no battery in this radio, but there's a capacitor that needs to be replaced. (Moira)
However, if it's a Canadian model with a serial number less than 34000, it will have a battery. (Naked Lady)

Query: Radio needs a new battery. What's the procedure to change it? There's nothing in the service manual.
Modifications for the ICOM is a 334 page pdf that covers a lot. It might have the info you're looking for.

Issue: When I tune, sometimes the display doesn't show properly.
Check the antenna connectors on the tuner.
The display will not come up until tuned. This radio has no built-in memory and needs to be tuned each time.

Query: How to use the tune button?
The tune display stays on all the time on this Icom.
If it's not tuned, the tune indicator will be off on Icom 710; 810.
the tuner can be set to auto or manual.

Query: Using an SGC tuner. Icom radio. How to manually tune?
Manual tuning is not supported without additional hardware.
Use the lowest power possible, and talk or whistle on an unused channel.
After-market adapters between Icom radios and SGC tuners are available.

Query: How to get GPS coordinates show up on the display?
Use a converter box.
Check the NMEA sentences.
Check the wiring connections.

Issue: After transmit, receive goes quiet.
It may be a bad connector. Check by wiggling things or give the tuner a whack.

Issue: Tuning problems with rope & wire antenna.
Try ohmmeter test. Read resistance between the antenna and ground terminals.
May have to replace the antenna; it may be nicked.
Test with any insulated wire; 20' or more. Raise it up on the halyard as a temporary replacement.

Issue: Radio cuts in and out on receive.
Check the squelch settings.

Issue: My 802 is clipping.
Change power to high.
Make sure transmit draws DC.
If your serial number is less than 0108261, sent it back to Bellingham, WA for a fix. (Born Free)

Issue: Controlling volume.
Boost the volume. This model has problems at low levels.
Add a resistor to the speaker circuit.

Issue: The tuner slips out of tune.
Clean all connections.

Issue: My Icom 802 sets off the propane alarm when transmitting. I'm using KISS.
Use ferrites to shield noise.
Check wiring to the propane controller.

Issue: It's receiving beautifully, but not putting out on transmit.
Check transmit power.
Push function and TX buttons at the same time to set the transmit power.
Check wiring.
Check power connections to radio.
Check control cable between the radio and the tuner.
Check the tuner control cable fuse inside (or backside) of the radio.

Issue: Breaking up and fading out on high syllables.
This problem is recognized by the manufacturer. Icom will fix this, but the unit needs to be shipped to the company. There's a lengthy turn-around time.
In the meanwhile, cut back on power, using medium or low.

FYI: The 802 is sensitive about tuning. Icom has a hardware fix. Box up the radio and send it to the company and it will be fixed at no cost. (C_Language)
Contact the company before sending the radio.

Query: How to unlock the pre-programmed frequencies?
Turn off the power, then while simultaneously holding down the "2" "Mode" and "TX" keys, turn on the power again.
More at dockside (Etheria)

Issue: Tuner will not tune.
Add a few feet of GTO cable between the antenna and tuner.
Check carefully for corroded/shorted GTO cable. Use ceramic hull-throughs.
Test it by removing the tuner fro the radio and use a tuned antenna.

Issue: Runtime error, end of file, runtime error 62, crashes Cruise E-mail.
May be a corrupted file; reload software. Check to make sure all files have been deleted on uninstall.
May be a corrupted address book. Rename any suspect files, then reinstall the software.
Renaming the file may fix the problem without having to reinstall the software.
Create a batch file to eliminate the ini file. This takes a bit of work.
Removing the corrupted ini files works; the program will generate a new one.
Turn off Cruise E-mail before shutting down the radio because Cruise E-mail will hang otherwise.

Issue: There's audio distortion when the Pactor modem is attached.
It's a common problem. The modem needs to be turned off.
If the problem continues with modem off, add ferrites on the cable.
Connect the radio chassis to the ground.
If using the remote head cable, the screw is part of the grounding system. There's a workaround for this. (Sunny Side Up)

Icom online

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Query: Which brand to use? Is Globe a good brand?
Globe can be run dry for up to 15 minutes.
Yay: It lasted more than 400 hours.
Nay: It lasted less than 10 hours.
Jabsco is much better; it is 10 bladed.
Volvo brand is good.
Yanmar is still good after six thousand hours.

Depco, a water pump distributor in Clearwater, FL; knowledgeable and can make a solid recommendation based on your equipment. (Nottus, Destiny)
Further Comment:
They carry a good selection of pump parts and gaskets, but don't necessarily offer the best pricing.

Mud, debris, stirred up sand in water, etc, will accelerate impeller deterioration. (Dyad)
Also look for restrictions which may be the cause of premature deterioration.

Buy a few extra neoprene impellers as spares. Write down the date of purchase and use older ones first. Store them in a cool place. Very old ones can become brittle. (Salty Paws)

Rotate the engine slightly to make sure impeller slips in properly. (Discovery)
Dish soap on an impeller helps to lubricate it. (C_Language)
Use a cable tie to pre-form the new impeller vanes. (Cat Tales)
Make an impeller puller out of a valve stem puller. (Rejoice)

Jabsco brand impeller for the main seawater watermaker. After 1200 hours it's still in good shape. (Beluga)


Query: What is the proper service cycle for injectors?
If the engine starts and runs right, leave them alone.

Issue: Injectors have a very short life.
Use fuel additive Stanadyne. (Trumpeter)
Longevity varies with use and fuel source.

Issue: I used SeaFoam, following directions on the can, and had no results at all. No smoke, etc.
Engine needs to be in gear rather than idling.
Put product into air intake to clean injectors, valves, rings.

Issue: Injection pump leaks intermittently.
Replace gaskets.
Try Lubricity Plus. It's a good additive.
Disassemble and clean injector pump.

Issue: Injector is leaking between injector cylinder head and the gasket. There's no Yanmar dealer nearby.
A new gasket can be made from an aluminum can and cut to fit.
Make one out of a penny. Do a little sanding and trimming. Anneal with a quick quench.
Check the rubber seal that's there to block debris.
Check to make sure the gaskets haven't been doubled up from the past.

Query: Can injector testing be done by checking the spray pattern?
Stand back! Spray causes blood poisoning and could permanently blind. Use a pro service.

Clean and service them regularly even if the engine seems fine.
Especially check for looseness. Pros recommend doing this every 900 hours. (Salty Paws)

Action Diesel Injection Service Fort Pierce, FL (Barefootin)Diesel Injector Services, Riviera Beach, FL (Salty Paws)

Injector fuel was draining into the crank case. Solution: Drain one quart then refill with heavy gear oil to boost viscosity as a get-home fix. (Trumpeter)

To check injectors, loosen one at a time. You'll notice a difference in engine performance if an injector is bad. (Shamal)

Marvel Mystery Oil cleans and lubricates injectors. (St Jude)

SeaFoam is great for cleaning injectors. Works well. Full instructions for use are on the can. (Shamal)


Spectracide Bug Stop is good for spiders and other crawlers. Lasts nine months. Find at Depot or Lowes.

Shoofly Screen & Surface Insect Spray. Spray on your screens and it even stops no-see-ums. WallyWorld carries it.

Fite Bite Insect Spray. Spray this on screens for mosquitoes and no-see-ums. Can be ordered online.

Cedar Oil Spray. For mosquitoes, gnats and flies. Found in pet stores. It smells good and is a natural repellant. You can saturate a cloth and wipe things down. Get the real oil, not imitation. (Shining Star)

They like to eat dry food like cereal, beans, and dry veggie matter. Keep food items well stored and clean up all crumbs.
Vodka can be used in a trap to capture the tiny brown beetles.

Use a pan of water with detergent in it. Place it under a light bulb. Light attracts them, they burn their feet and fall into the water to drown. (C_Language)

Good old fashioned fly tapes work well for assorted houseflies. (Salty Paws)
A small amount of hot sauce applied to your dinner plate, will keep flies off your food. Any brand will work. (Mon Amie)
Plastic bags with water in them can be hung from ceilings to repel flies. See how it works. (Hot Lattetudes, C_Language)
Use diluted Totally Awesome cleaner to spray flies that land on you. They will die in a few seconds. Non toxic to pets. (Salty Paws)
Light a sterno and place it on your dinner table to deter them. Use it like a votive candle. (Scotch Mist)

In an empty jar, place a few ounces of cider vinegar. Sugar may also be added. Make a cone out of white paper and insert it into the jar. Flies are attracted to the fermentation, but cannot find their way back out through the cone. Works amazingly fast. (Dyad)
Cut the top off a plastic drink bottle and invert it back into the bottle.
Use vinegar or beer. Add a drop of dish detergent to break water surface tension and drown them. (Salty Paws)
Place vinegar in a bowl, then cover it with plastic wrap. Poke holes in the wrap. (I Wanda)

Keep dryer sheets in your pockets to repel no-see-ums. (Barefootin)

Make a trap, like the fruit fly trap, with a plastic drink bottle. Use a few tablespoons of sugar dissolved in about 1 cup of water. Add one packet of yeast. Gnats are attracted to the carbon dioxide. Replace solution every 2 weeks. Keeps a 50 square foot area free of the pests. (Dyad)

For dealing with bug bites and stings see Self Care.

(also pests)


Issue: On the bottom of the screen, lower left, it reads "a.p.i. mybrowser" and doesn't allow access to internet.
Unblock pop-ups, then block them again after a successful log-in.
Use menu options on browser to turn off all extraneous things.
Use Mozilla (Firefox) browser.

Mozilla (Firefox). It's a reliable and free open source browser. Other browsers are resource hogs optimized for hardwired cable users.

Start Page A private search engine providing complete anonymity. Fast and accurate. searching. Read their facts; it's impressive.

DuckDuckGo Another impressive private search engine which doesn't track you.

Adblock Plus a free plug-in for Firefox. "Annoyed by adverts? Troubled by tracking? Bothered by banners? Install Adblock Plus now to regain control of the internet and change the way that you view the web." (Salty Paws)

Ghostery - blocks and confuses tracking cookies. Excellent and free.

TrackMeNot a free plug-in for Firefox. "Protects privacy in web-search. By issuing randomized queries to popular search-engines, including Google, Bing, and Baidu, TrackMeNot obfuscates users' search data profiles." (Salty Paws)

Better Privacy a free plug-in for Firefox. It keeps cookies private and makes the computer work faster too. A discussion about Local Shared Objects (LSOs) aka Flash Cookies: Privacy Concerns. (Salty Paws)

To speed up a slow internet connection, turn off images. (C_Language)

(also computers,   software,   wifi)


Issue: My Xantrex inverter with remote panel only works when turned on at the panel itself.
Rig your own switch to closure to make your own on/off switch.
Reboot the inverter, which is a lengthy process, but effective.

Query: Would it be possible to turn off the inverter automatically when the engine is engaged with a relay?
An automotive relay would work, but it won't last forever.
Place the relay on the panel.

Issue: Xantrex Trace inverter is producing reduced output.
Make sure the fan is running.
Find the sensor and immerse in cold water.
Confirm voltage at battery.
Check all connections.
Check the voltage between battery and charger. It should be low.

Issue: New microwave doesn't work with my Hart modified sine wave inverter.
Tappan 800 watt microwave works just fine. Find one at a second hand store. (Salty Paws)
Find an old microwave that's heavy, because it will have a transformer in it. (C_Language)
Sharp brand 800 watt works well. (Cat Tales)
It's a problems with the digital interface.
Contact a large RV outlet to find a microwave that's compatible.

Issue: 110 amplifier buzzes on the inverter.
Check the ground wire. Is it solidly connected.
Use an isolated transformer.

Issue: Xantrex brand 1000 watt inverter turns on and off at random. Cannot trace the problem.
Comment: It's most likely a configuration problem. Recheck the configuration settings through the control panel. (Salienda)

Belkin 300 watt inverter. Has low radio frequency interference, and can be used for anything less than 300 watts. (Abraxis).
User manual pdf. for Belkin inverter.

Southeast Power Systems for Xantrex repair. Quick turn around and good customer service. No website. [several thumbs-up]
4220 N Orange Blossom Trail Orlando, FL 32804 (407) 293-7971


Issue: Fuel jerry jugs with the spring loaded valves do not pour cleanly.
They drip and run when being used and make a mess.
Get a nylon and brass flange to create a hose adapter, which prevents leaking. You make your own and use it on the can while dispensing fuel. (New Attitude)
West Marine carries a part which is a small scupper which fits the can. Use with an O ring. Solves the problem. (New Attitude)

Clean the water jugs thoroughly before storing them long term, and add a little peroxide to the water jugs while they're in storage. (Valkyrie)

Clean the diesel jugs after a season of use. Use warm water and laundry detergent, and allow to sit in the sun. Rinse. (Valkyrie)

Use a rag on a stick with purple cleaner. (C_Language)


Issue: Jumping mouse with GPS.
Boot up first, then activate the GPS. (Reflection)

Issue: Jumping mouse on Nobeltec.
XP bootfile fix: right click "my computer" and go to:
properties > advance > startup/recovery > edit. Add the following line (case sensitive):
Or go to hardware device manager > pointer device. Disable ballpoint mouse.

Go Here First:
Rick (Naked Lady), wrote instructions for Correcting Uncontrollable Cursor Behavior. Please read this article first.

More online at:
PCmaritime > Leisure > Support
#131976 at the Microsoft Knowledge base.
and Waterwayradio > Tech Corner


Query: Does anyone have any info about KISS-SSB?
The KISS system is a set of pre-cut copper wire radials to be used as half of a dipole antenna (counterpoise).
Read the KISS thread on the Cruiser's Forum.
You can make your own. Forum Discussion.
A handy calculator for radial lengths, if you decide to make your own.
Make your own with inexpensive speaker wire. Instructions on Cruiser's Forum.

Query: Would adding KISS to the existing ground plane make it work better?
No. They work in two different ways.

Kiss SSB Grounding System is self-contained and recommended by Icom. (Barefootin)

Something I learned from a friend with a GB trawler. He was installing his SSB and had a dilemma about how to get a satisfactory ground plane when his tuner was located up in the fly bridge close to the antenna. He bought the KISS system and spoke with the supplier who said the KISS did not have to lie against the hull but could be laid out under the dash on the fly bridge, thus eliminating the need to put anything in the bilge. (Barefootin)

(also single sideband)



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