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Asphaltenes in Fuel - Diesel contamination. What is that sludge?

Quick Alkaline Battery Test - Exhausted or Charged? Find out in two seconds.

How to Check Your Battery State of Charge - With useful reference table.

Electronicity - Electrical and Electronics Short Topics.

How to Connect LEDs - You can do it.

How to Assemble Your Wifi Adapter for Mast Installation - illustrated

Protecting Your Electronics - How to prevent common failures.

Tachometer Signal from Alternator - The cause and two solutions.

Volt Meters - For better results, avoid these common pitfalls.

How to Operate and Use Your Icom M-802 - Video series

Improving Your Reception - Simple steps for better SSB reception.

Installation Tips - Professional SSB installer shares solutions.

Transmit Optimization - Better SSB transmitting

Tune and Auto Tune - HF Transceiver; SSB Operation.

Winmor HF Email - "An HF Transmission Protocol for Winlink"

Software - Recommended via the Tech Net.

Jumping Mouse - Correcting uncontrollable cursor behavior.

Manuals & Documents

Behind the Nautical Chart A history of modern charting (pdf)

Ship Captain's Medical Guide - Dealing with medical emergencies at sea (13 pdfs)

DX Remote & Self-Contained A/C Installation Operation by Cruisair (pdf)

Belkin Inverter - User manual (pdf)

Idiot's Guide to Antennas - PCS Electronics - read online

Coolant versus Antifreeze Distinction - by Practical Sailor - read online

Idiots Guide to Marine LEDs (pdf)

Batteries in a Flash - Battery size cross reference equivalent chart - read online

Watch Battery - Watch battery cross reference table - read online

Zbattery - Coin cell/button battery cross reference - read online

List of Battery Sizes - Wiki - read online

Teleflex Marine Instruments Guide - Includes use and troubleshooting (pdf)

Lubricity Additive Study Results - Detailed forum entry worth reading.

Modifications for the ICOM - 334 pages (pdf)

Danfoss Wiring Schematics - (pdf)

Danfoss Data Sheet - (pdf)

Understanding How Ferrites Can Prevent and Eliminate RF Interference - (pdf)

Using Chlorine to Purify Drinking Water - info in Army Tech Bulletin 577 (pdf)

Troubleshooting Marine HF Radio - (pdf)

HF Antenna - (pdf)

HF Counterpoise - (pdf)

Kiss Test SSB - (pdf)

Optimizing HF Receive - (pdf)

Optimizing HF Transmit - (pdf)

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A Beginner's Adventure in Ham Radio by John aboard "Amazing Grace"

Checking Your Shore Power System by Wayne Canning

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