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About the Tech Net

We talked about live-aboard issues of any kind. Additionally, we shared things that work, new uses for things, tips, techniques, products, book recommendations, and pretty much anything.

The Tech Net was conceived by Ron, aboard Undine 2 in early 2004.  He noted that cruisers spend a lot of valuable time trying to track down information for their boat problems.  Why not get everyone together at the same time for healthy discussion and solutions.  The net was initially set up to run once a week, but it was quickly expanded to twice a week, so no one would have to wait seven days for help, advice, or clarification.

The aired Tech Net Was disbanded in mid 2017.  Info gleaned from the Tech Net remains here.

Tech Net Knowledge Base

This online Tech Net is alive.

All ideas, products, businesses, services, techniques, trade-persons, publications and/or opinions came by recommendation of a fellow cruiser.

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If you're unsure if a business is rock solid or fly-by-night, check them out. Better Business Bureau U.S. and Canada

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