Want to Help?

OpenCPN Beta Version Testing

Each OpenCPN version goes through several rounds of beta testing before it becomes an official public release. OpenCPN beta is a pre-release version.

Think of it as a sneak preview before the final cut.

Want to Help?

Seeking Beta Testers

Your help and input are most appreciated. Beta testing is a critical process prior to each final release.   Download the beta, then start playing with it.

By testing pre-release versions, you've made a huge impact on improvement of features and performance.

Thank you for your interest and participation.


Beta Testing is INACTIVE at this time.

Information and download links to future beta versions will be found on the Cruisers Forum.  Please give feedback and leave comments while you're there.

Please Note:

Beta versions are pre-release versions for test purposes only.

Not interested in the beta?

No problem. Get the current working release.


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