Cruiseheimers protocol.

Each net runs differently. Always play by house rules.

Boat Name Only Until Recognized

This is the Big-Always-Remember-No.1

Say your boat name only.

Now stop and wait to be recognized by Net Control or a Relay before saying more.

Chaos is averted and it's a great day at sea. Thanks guys.

Contact or Traffic

Use Contact or Traffic to make contact with another vessel.

Other words you might hear:


"I've got something critical to add right now."

Break Break

"This is an emergency." A double break is taken very seriously!


"I'm finished with my transmission."


Identify yourself by Boat Name, and give your present location.

(Not your overall cruising agenda.) Where are you right now at this very moment?


"I've got information about that."


"I'm signing off."

Propagation and/or Radio Check

Not encouraged.

But if you must... please hold off until the end of the net, or give it a go before the net begins so we can carry on uninterrupted. Or better yet, bring your query to the Tech Net.


Use the word "Relay" and your boat name when you're hearing another boat trying to check in that the Net Control is obviously not hearing.

Its incredibly helpful and you're a darned good person.

Short Time

Short time is for those who want to check in, but must leave the net immediately due to obligations.

After checking in Short-Time, its understood that you're off the air and will not be returning to today's net.

Stand by

"Please wait."


"I'm actively moving; no longer anchored, docked, or moored."

Name the port you just left, and the port you are immediately heading for. (Again, not your entire cruising agenda. Where are you going today?)


"I have a question or need information."

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