FAQs About the Boat

Frequently Asked Questions

Number One

What kind of a boat is that anyway?  
Or What the Hell is that Thing?

A Passagemaker 48

A wave-piercing catamaran trawler. (two hulls, no sails)

A cruising live-aboard boat, and our full-time home.

I bet you get asked that a lot.

Yep. It gets overwhelming. That's why this info is here.
A day without a boat question is a mighty fine day.

What was it before?

Blue prints. An original Crowther design.
It is NOT a converted, refitted, or re-purposed anything.
Like many other trawlers, it was built to be lived on.
It was built to look and function as it does right from the start.
Its unpainted, chunky, boxy, plods along slowly, and not pretty.

I thought it was a trimaran.

Nope, the V under the bow is a wave breaker, not a third hull.
A hull would extend well below the water surface.

Did you have it built?

Huh? Yes it was built, no we didn't have to.

You probably meant: Was it custom, production, or home made.

Where was it built?

Meteghan, Nova Scotia on the Fundy shore.
We like these guys and rate them highly.
A.F.Theriault boat builder.

When was it built?

Construction began in 1999. Launched 2000.

What's it made of? OR Is it stainless?

Marine grade aluminum.
It's unpainted on purpose for lower maintenance.

Which naturally leads to the paint Qs.

Are you going to paint that thing?
What color are you going to paint that thing?
When are you going to paint that thing?
Is is primed for painting?
and Paint that thing!
The thing is weathering naturally with no special treatment.
Still there's plenty of bottom paint to maintain annually.

Whats the Length? Width? Draft?

L 48'   W 22'   D 5.5'

And the weight?

Hey hey, let's not get personal.

Let's refill our coffee mugs now.

What have you got for power?

Twin Cummins 210s / 400 hp

Wheat or Rye?

Just testing the caffeine. Carry on.

How fast does it go?

12 knot top speed. We average 5 by choice.


Transatlantic capable.

What's the deck material?


And the interior?

Teak. Just like a real boat.

What are the bow bulbs for?

Additional buoyancy and a smoother ride.

I bet its stable, comfortable, seaworthy.


Can I have a tour?

Sorry, no. This is our home.

Where do you keep it?

We typically keep it moving throughout the year.

Why "Bigdumboat"??

Dyad is the boat name, Bigdumboat is the accusation.
Someone tossed it our way, so we took it and ran with it.
As in "Look at that Big Dumb Boat"

see also 6000 Days Aboard Dyad


Video of BDB

Dyad by drone

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