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OpenCPN Version 4.8.8


The OpenCPN Development Team is proud to announce the release of OpenCPN Version 4.8.8

Released November 7, 2018

This version is a feature enhancement and maintenance release of OpenCPN.

OpenCPN is a cross platform electronic navigation system (ECS) supporting a variety of cartography standards and hardware interface protocols. Versions are available for Linux, Windows, Macintosh, and ARM computer architectures.

Since widespread introduction in 2008, OpenCPN has gained a solid reputation.

OpenCPN is running on hardware from tiny Raspberry Pis with 4" screens up to networked workstations. Specific user scenarios and needs are easily accommodated by using the Plug-in architecture and the wide scope of user settings. A responsive international user and developer community together with integrated documentation help make installation and use of OpenCPN a pleasure.

Some of the features of OpenCPN include:

Quilted Raster(RNC) and Vector(ENC) digital chart display
Full compliant support for official vector charts in S-57/S-63 format and InlandENCs
Industry standard GPS receiver interfacing, with "moving map" on-screen vessel tracking
AIS receiver interfacing with configurable target safety monitoring
Integrated Route, Track, and Waypoint database, with industry standard Import/Export capabilities
Tide and Current prediction, with on-screen overlay of predicted data.
Broad International Language support
PlugIn architecture allowing on-going third-party functional enhancements

OpenCPN is released under the GPLV2 license. The executable program and its source code are available for immediate, free, and unlimited download from, and several other sources.
We hope you enjoy the new features of OpenCPN Version 4.8.8.  We look forward to your continued feedback and support.  More information is available at
Visit our support forum

The OpenCPN Development Team
Dave Register, Lead Developer


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