Did You Know...

Did you know...

OpenCPN is an open source navigation software program for Win, Mac, and Linux. Its free to download and use without any strings attached.

If you ever come across this software for sale, even in a bundled package, keep in mind that the seller got it from the same source that's available to everyone at no cost.  *

More to Know...

OpenCPN.org  is the Official Download Site

Its true. OpenCPN.org is now the official download site instead of SourceForge.
We use a content distribution network (CDN) called StackPath. This provides worldwide caching with secure and faster download times for all users. StackPath

Its Easy to Avoid Bogus Downloads

OpenCPN program does not include popups, ads, or auxiliary options/addons, especially from unknown sources. If you got them, maybe its time for a legitimate download.
Honest download links are found at opencpn.org
Install with confidence then get in the boat and enjoy your day.

Opencpn.org is the Official Support Site

Find information, screenshots, plugins, wiki, user manual... and of course the downloads.
Sincere thanks to Will Kamp, Rick, Pavel, Thomas, and many others for maintenance and updates.

There are OpenCPN Video Tutorials

A video collection of hundreds via YouTube and Vimeo. You'll find tutorials, demos, how tos, instructions, tips, tricks, features, DIY, info on plugins, user experience, and more.

OpenCPN Supports Plugins

You may want to download any or all to enhance your Navigation experience. Plugins are created by individual third party developers and are independent of the OpenCPN program. An assortment of free plugins are available.
One of the most in-demand plugins, is sQuiddio plugin.

OpenCPN Supports 20+ Languages

Thanks to volunteer interpreters, like you.  If your native language isn't supported yet, a tiny bit of your time can make it happen.  No coding knowledge is needed.   Its free and fun.    Get Started

You're Welcome to Make Feature Requests

You may make feature requests on Flyspray at OpenCPN.org. Yeah, the name is definitely strange, but that's the place where requests are acknowledged.

The Cruiser Forum is the place to discuss OpenCPN. However, its not the place to post feature requests. The development team only monitors Flyspray to prioritize requests. Thanks for your input.

*The Software and the App for Android are Separate Things

To help shed light on this confusion, its important to understand that the software and the app are different.  The software program is free, the official Android App is a purchase for a small fee.

On the Side, just for you History Buffs

Behind the Nautical Charts  A history of modern charting if you're interested in how it began. (free pdf download)


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