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What books have you enjoyed lately?
As books are recommended, we add them to the Book Shelf.
Each book is given a 5 star rating because someone enjoyed it enough to recommend it to the rest of us.  Scroll over any book for its details.

Note: does not sell books or make profit from them.

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Founding Librarian

Mary, aboard "Mon Amie" came up with the idea for the Book Shelf in April 2012.

Audio Books

Audio books can help pass the time on long passages.
Free audio books from the public domain can be downloaded at

eBook Reader App

FB offers a free app for your tablet or android device. It reads multiple book formats. (Salty Paws)

Cruisers on the Book Shelf
Eagle Haven
by Richard (Dick) de Grasse aboard - s/v Endeavor
Ruins and Rust
by Jim Austin aboard - s/v Salty Paws
Stories From My Galley
by Lorriane Sulick-Morecraft aboard - s/v Scaramouche
The Pig that Couldn't Swim
by Heather Rand aboard - s/v Windswept IV

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