Boat Names

Boat Names

We like them just because

Poetry, Amusing, Clever. Whatever

Ali Bubba
Bamboo Bay
Banana Belle
Boat Ox
Boring Alice
Brave Turtle
Captain Queez
Chasing Wabbits
Chuck Bucket
Cloud 9
Cod Father
Flying Corgis
Forever Endeavor
Goober's Retreat
Grand Fromage
Grateful Heron
Green Eggs & Sam
Hand Basket
Happ Hatteras
Harmony Times
Hoffa's Shoes
Ise the Bye
i Tuna
Lazy Lola
Mary Hates Me
Missin Texas
Mr Sippy
Neener 3
Now and Zen
Old Sam Peabody
Sam and Ella
Sir Catchalot
Spear It
Stream Weaver
Summer Salt
Super Crab
Thistle Dew
Tooth Ferry
Tom, Dick, & Herring
Tuna Kahuna
Tweedles and Dawn
Wings of Mangoes
Worthless Wench

Favorite musical boat name "Amanda Lynn"

Home ports found on transoms:
Da Bronx   Earth   Moot Point   Paradise   Sea Level

Common boat name words:
Sea   Wind   Island   Breeze   Blue   Reel   Knot   Buoy   Tide

Who Are You?

While cruising, you are your boat name.

Like it or not, it becomes your identity in the cruising community and your new surname.
Seriously. Choose with care and thought.

Is your boat name legible on your transom?

Avoid trendy, swirly, and/or micro-sized script.
Other boats will need to hail you by radio. Make it easy for them to read your name.

"This is "Fluffy" calling the white sailboat near marker 13. (Two replies.)

Fluffy: "I mean the white sailboat with the multi-colored graphic medley on the transom."

Other Boat: "I believe you're hailing us. That's not a graphic. It plainly reads "Windsong." Our daughter, a commercial artist, designed it.   Thanks, we'll pass along your compliments."

Fluffy: "I was hailing to warn you about the shoaling ahead, but I see you've just found it."

Does your boat name sound clear on VHF or SSB?

A boat name made entirely of short soft syllables is hard to pick up audibly sometimes.

...that moment when you hear a vessel hailing on ch 16, and are tempted to break in with "did you REALLY name your boat ____ ?"

— Totem Crew @sailingtotem

An Author's Opinion

"A popular device whereby to capture the sea's magic is to choose a name with the prefix sea. The waters abound with Sea Winds, Sea Stars, Sea Witches, etc. It is my presumption that there are as many names starting with Sea in Lloyd's Register of Yachts, as there are listings of Martinez in the Madrid phone book..."

William Snaith from On the Wind's Way  (1973)

Out of ideas or inspiration? Play with the Boat Name Generator


Naming Your Boat

What are the most common boat names?
Visit Frugal Mariner

True: "Change in Latitude"
Status: stolen

True: "Dawson's Blaze"
Status: burned

True: "Anything She Wants"
Status: for sale

"May Day" is an irresponsible boat name, yet tragically, its been done.


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