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Life Aboard

5000 Days Aboard - Our milestone boataversary

Farkwar - Free app tool for position reports. Any time or place, even offshore. Social.

Liebster Award - Presented to cruising and sailing sites

Mean High Water and Vertical Clearance - Can I slip through the bridge right now?

Provisioning Backwards - Shop the sales then create the menu

Self Care - Cheap and cheerful ideas and resources.

sQuiddio Plugin - Thousands of destinations on your OpenCPN charts.

Tech Net - Boat care and live-aboard issues.

Nearly Forgotten History on the Coast

Epidemic 1855 Portsmouth, VA

Ghost Ship Sea Bird ca 1750 Easton Beach, RI

Island Nation of Outer Baldonia 1948-1973 Nova Scotia

Mail Order Brides of Jamestowne Colony, VA 1607

Pilgrims Who Stole Christmas ca 1621 Plymouth, MA

Typhoid Mary, c/o North Brother Island, NY

Vanished Seaport Sunbury, GA 1758 - 1782

Whatever Became of Benedict Arnold? 1785- 1791 Saint John, NB

Things to Do

Cruisers Bring Supplies to the Bahamas - How to volunteer.

DIY Ideas and Projects - A small collection. Some are just for fun.

How to Make Your Own Sea Salt - It's real easy.

Secchi Disk Project - You can help monitor the ocean's health with an app.

Thanksgiving in St Marys, GA 2018 - "Port of Thanksgiving" Welcomes Cruisers.

Thanksgiving in St Marys Legend - Onan did it.


Fuzzybills: A Cover Story - Non-biting aquatic midges unleashed

Sky Colors - How the sky and clouds choose their colors.

WeatherWise - Intuit the weather by observing birds.

Just for fun

Live Aboard Simulator
A truly fun piece by Jonathan Ganz

69 Signs You Live on a Boat


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