SSB Improving Your Reception

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SSB Improving Your Reception

Quick and Simple Tips for Better SSB Reception

by Rick Medero s/v C_Language

Quick Tips

  • Have a good antenna system with good connections.
  • Look for electrical noise sources on the boat which are not always obvious.
  • Turn RF gain up. (Not to be confused with AF - audio frequency.) Turn squelch off if having problems.
  • Use stereo headphones. This really helps eliminate ambient boat noise.
  • Try the noise blanker.
  • Time constant on AGC (automatic gain control): Adjust to "fast" to improve reception.

Noise blanker helps with wind generator noise. (Hosanna)
Blanker helps eliminate gas generator noise from other boats in the anchorage. (Salty Paws)

Issue: Danfoss refrigerator creates a lot of noise interference.
Rick: Add a choke on power line. Capacitor can reduce the noise but not eliminate it.

Issue: When engine is running the reception is poor.
Rick: The alternator is most likely the cause. Disconnect the alternator. First test to see if it really is the cause.

Turning off the alternator really helps. My regulator is now on a toggle switch. (Shamal) Engine control panel may be causing the noise.

Interference can be caused by a number of things on your own boat such as Danfoss refrigerators, NMEA data, florescent lights, computers, pump for the freezer, GTO cable near the solar panel control, etc.

So, always check for the noise source on your own boat first. Don't just turn off the item. Unplug it or turn off its breaker switch.

S/V Second Sally has a blinking light which comes on when the Danfoss is off as a reminder to turn it back on again.
Good idea.

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