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Recommended Software

Suggested by Cruisers via the Tech Net

Several Categories or Recommended Software and Apps

Keeping Your Computer Happy and Healthy

Defrag: Remember to defrag regularly.
Pagedefrag - defrags the swapfile, small program, not a resource hog.
AVG Anti-virus - reliable with auto updates (can slow the system a bit)
Avast Anti-virus - with auto updates, doesn't hog resources much.

Malwarebytes - finds and removes viruses and other threats that even anti-virus programs can't detect.
Anti Rootkit
What's a rootkit? Another breed of malice that successfully hides trojans from anti-virus software. AVG Anti-Rootkit

Back-up / Synchronization
Make it a habit to backup on a regular schedule. kish-d has a good program to help. (Island Spirit)
SyncToy is back-up software for your files. Free. (Salty Paws)

Registry Cleaner:
Clean entries that point to nowhere. Easy Cleaner
Startup Inspector:
What's running in the background? View it all, and disable what isn't necessary. Reduce bandwidth from unnecessary services and background apps. Startup Inspector

Security Plugins for Firefox
Ghostery - blocks and confuses tracking cookies.
"Https Everywhere" - another great Firefox add on.
Adblock - Does what the name suggests.
Visit for these and other free plugins.

Alternatives to Google - safe, non-tracking Search Engines:
Start Page and Duckduckgo- No trackers, super fast. Either of these search engines should be used by everyone who cares about online privacy.

Marine Navigation

OpenCPN - Marine Chart Plotter Navigator. Open Source (free)

Easily transfer routes and waypoints to Garmin with GPS Utility. This versatile software program can be downloaded as freeware or upgraded to shareware. (Shamal)

GPS Babel is a free and easy general purpose program to convert and transfer routes and waypoints. Works with CSV formats too. (Dyad)


iPhone and Android Apps are Free or Super Affordable.
WePhone app to use voice telephone over wifi. Free (Ursa Minor) has an app that allows the phone to work as a wifi connection to your computer. (Valkyrie)
OpenCPN for Android (Dyad)

Giveaway of the Day - Every day they give away a different program that otherwise would have to be bought. Free, no catch.

Purchased Software
Casper allows you to take a snapshot of your entire hard drive and move it onto an external drive for backup. (C_Language)
Ghost is another program that will back up all files without system files. (Valkyrie)


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