Using Your Icom M-802

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How to Operate and Use Your Icom M-802

Practical Hands-On Video Instruction Series

by John MacDougall s/v Annie Laurie

I hear and read HF radio complaints quite often. This thing or the other "just doesn't work right" and "I should have saved my money." The most common problem is simply the lack of user knowledge/expertise to make the bloody stuff work right!!! Unless you're a "radio nut" and an electronics professional, you probably haven't had the opportunity to be trained in "how-to-use" these systems, and certainly many fellow sailors, cruisers, and voyagers are not well versed enough in these matters to make optimal use of them.

After spending many an hour banging away at the keyboard, trying to help fellow sailors with radio and electronics issues, it dawned on me that there are 1) People you can hire to install these systems (and a small number of those may actually know what they are doing), 2) People you can hire to repair these systems (mostly just parts-changers, though), and of course no shortage of 3) People who will sell you even more "stuff" (systems to put on-board). Yet there's hardly anyone around to instruct you on how to actually use the radio.

I felt the need to fill the void. So, I spent a couple hours, over a couple days, recording some instruction videos. This is an area in which I'm well qualified and experienced; that is HF Radio Communications, and specifically, Maritime HF Comms. The videos will help make you comfortable and competent with the use, operation, and programming of the Icom M-802 Marine HF-SSB-DSC Transceiver for Voice and DSC communication.

These are not "installation" videos. These are designed to teach how best to use your HF radio, whether at sea, at anchor, or at the dock.

Initial Instruction

Basic Instructions

Basic Instructions 2

VFO Mode, Ch Frequency Button

Choosing the Correct Channel/Frequency

Choosing the Correct Channel

Atmospheric Noise and Radio Signals

WLO, Radiotelephone, Ship to Shore

User Channels, ITU Channels

HF-DSC, Distress Calls

RFI, Man-made Noise

GMDS's Voice Channels, DSC Distress Signalling


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