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by m/v Dyad
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The Liebster Award is presented to non commercial cruising & sailing websites and blogs, as recognition for quality content and interest.


We were asked to answer the following ten questions sent by Cygnus3, who gifted us with the honor. Thank you, Cygnus3.

1. Introduce yourselves and the boat you are sailing.

Technically our boat doesn't sail. We've got no stick or cloth to catch wind. We're a couple with a beagle who have been cruising aboard trawler catamaran Dyad since 2000.

2. What is your boat's name and why is she called what she is?

The boat's name is Dyad; the simplest meaning is "two".  Two of us, two hulls, two engines, two pots of morning coffee.
The longer version of the name Dyad is two things that cannot be defined singly without their counterpart. Best example is twins. You can't call yourself a twin if you don't have a twin. (Well, you can if you want, but it doesn't count.)

3. What made you decide to live this lifestyle?

We didn't have much choice. It started as a whisper, then it started talking. We climbed onboard before it worked itself into a primal scream. But seriously, yearning for the water and the lifestyle has just been there. It's impossible to say when it began.

4. What is the best thing about your lifestyle?

There are so many best things. Number one would be the cruising community. Cruisers are the salt of the earth sea. In many cases, shortly after an initial intro, you've become good friends.

5. What is the worst thing about your lifestyle?

Without hesitation, it's the weather, hands down. We're patient and don't mind waiting for conditions to improve. No point in getting trashed for fun or schedule - which is a word that should be censored out here. Sometimes even in the most secure anchorage, weather events find you.

6. What has been your favorite place you have visited?

Maritime Canada and the North Channel.

7. What do you carry on your boat that is completely useless?

What comes to mind is winter coats; but unfortunately we need them occasionally in the spring and fall. The true useless item is an awning that came with the dinghy. It has been stowed unused all these years.

8. What is the stupidest thing you have done aboard your boat?

During our first year, we used a what-knot to tie the dinghy to the boat. What knot? Twice!!

9. Is there anything you really miss by living aboard a boat?

If you mean stuff like traffic, power outages, malls and WallyWorld, then No. It would be nice to have a bath tub. We have wonderful, reliable showers onboard and soap too. But sometimes a good soak in a tub would be heaven.

10. What do you really use your binoculars for?

Hey, that's a trick question, right? Uh, to see the channel markers, of course.

Cruiser sites we nominate for the Liebster Award:

Exodus to Eden - Cruising the Gulf of Mexico with canine crew.

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La Possibilita Di Un'isola - "Tales from an unlikely inhabitant of the sea."

Lisa Dorenfest - Circumnavigating "One Ocean at a Time"

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Questions for our Liebster Nominees:
Your task is to answer Dyad questions.

Here are ten questions we are asked too often about our boat. "It" and "Thing" mean the boat. Your answers, of course, will be about your own boat. Do what you will with the questions, be creative, take the ridiculous and go with it. But mostly have fun.

01. What kind of a boat is that anyway?

02. What was it before? (Translation: What was its original purpose or function?)

03. Did you have it built? (Challenge: make sense of this fuzzy question.)

04. Where was it built?

05. What's it made of? or Is it stainless?

06. Are you going to paint that thing?

07. What's the length, the draft, the width?

08. What have you got for power?

09. How fast does it go?

10. Can I have a tour? (Translation: Can I come aboard and snoop?)

To prevent possible hair-pulling, we leave our nominees permission to substitute any or all of our questions with the questions we answered from Cygnus3 above.