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Free App for Reporting your Offshore Position Effortlessly

by m/v Dyad

What's Farkwar?

A Free Online Position-Reporting Tool for Cruisers

Report and Share Your Offshore Position From Anywhere.

Report your offshore position from nearly anywhere at any time at Farkwar.
Set up a free account and input your position. It's fast and simple. Your position can be shared with friends and family.

How cool is that! The folks that care about you will spend less time worrying about you, which will free their time for whatever land people do.

Your account can be customized to send quick e-mail notifications to anyone you want. Or choose to have it automatically update your position through Twitter or Facebook. While you continue your offshore passage, the home folks can relax and watch TV.

What Makes Farkwar Stand Out?

It retains your data for as long as you want; not just six months.

It lays your position on a google map.

Use AIRMAIL, SAT PHONE, HAM RADIO, OR WIFI to update your position.

It's social. The auto notifications are a win.

It's free and complete. There's no need to buy equipment like Spot trackers and such.

The Brainchild of a Cruiser

Tucker Bradford is the person behind Farkwar. He, and his family of four are actively cruising around the globe as we write. They plan to continue cruising on the big blue sea for years to come.

So, we must ask, who understands cruiser's needs better?

A) a cruiser  B) an exec in a glass and steel high rise?

(If you chose B, go back to the start square.)


Farkwar was launched May 2014. It caught our attention. We believe you'll find it more than just a little useful. Tucker plans to continue development as Farkwar grows.

Featured Site: Farkwar / Twitter: @farkwaar

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Farkwar was recommended on the Tech Net. Listed under "Emergency Contact" in the Knowledge Base.

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