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Coating Your Canvas / Painting Your Bimini

by Rick C_Language

What Your Canvas Maker Doesn't Want You to Know
The top of the bimini is painted white to make it cooler, waterproof it, and extend the life. The trim on the dodger shows the original color. This bimini is about 4 years old and had started to show signs of sun damage.
On sunny days the forest green canvas was a heat magnet. This is much better now that the top reflects much of the heat. I expect the coating to improve the life of the canvas and stitching as the coating will protect both from further sun damage.
The coating used is Siliconized Elastomeric roof coating I found at Home Depot. It took 2 coats and used about 2/3 gallon. I don't know if new canvas will reject the coating, but the coating is adhering very well to my weathered Sunbrella acrylic. The coating did not soak through, so none of it is visible from the underside.

Colorwashed Beach Wood

Add a colorwash to beach wood to give it more interest, or playful appeal.
Dilute food color in water to suit your taste and brush it on with a small chip brush. Unlike paint, the character of the wood will show through. Top it off with varnish.

Crate Table

A simple project made of beach finds.
Find a piece of plywood large enough to overlap the top of a crate. Cut four 1-bys to the same length, about 12" or so. Attach the 1-bys to the plywood using screws, nails, or glue creating a frame that will fit the outer edges of the crate. Paint or varnish. Stores easily. Stack crates for height. The top will also fit a five gallon bucket.

Fishing Lures

by Bentley Salty Paws

Seven Minute Skirted Lure  video instructions by "Salty Paws"
"Creating your own skirted fishing lure with items around the boat.  Easy."

(also tech net fishing and diving)

Flag on a Swivel

A simple idea. Extend the life of your flag.
Attach the flag to a fixed ring with a snap fastener and use a swivel.
The lower line is tied to the flag on one end and has a weighty lead sinker tied on the bottom. A tennis ball has been split to slip over the sinker and has been sealed shut again with Goop/glue.
The flag flies freely with less opportunity to beat itself up.
No pole. No wrapping.   Hangs nice.


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