Nearly Forgotten History on the Coast Series

Island Nation of Outer Baldonia

Outer Bald Tusket Island, Nova Scotia 1948 - 1973

by m/v Dyad

Tiny Island Nation of Outer Baldonia

Russel Arundel, an eccentric from Virginia, took interest in the desolate, windswept Outer Bald Tusket Island while on a sport fishing trip. He eventually bought the island and built a small stone fishing lodge there.

Arundel used the island as a weekend getaway with his drinking and fishing buddies. During one night of drinking, the group created a Constitution, which mandated fishing and consumption of rum. They also drew up a Declaration of Independence, and dubbed the island the Principality of Outer Baldonia.

Any man who caught a tuna and paid a fee was given the title of prince. The currency was called Tunar and a tuna was featured on the Baldonian flag. The State Charter declared that taxes and women were banned from the island. The main export was empty bottles.

This country might have remained in jest, except Arundel listed his phone number in the Washington D.C. phone book as belonging to the Embassy for Outer Baldonia. After that, he and his country were being invited to state functions, and Baldonia was even mistakenly asked to join the United Nations.

Its been reported that Arundel once attended a cocktail party as "Prince of Princes" dressed in a royal uniform decorated with a sash of beer bottle caps and medals made from sardine cans.

Outer Baldonia became (in)famous enough to be criticized by a Soviet newspaper. Baldonia responded with a declaration of war. The Baldonian Navy, which consisted entirely of local fishing boats, took to the sea in order to attack, but they were easily sidetracked and went drinking instead.

Outer Bald Tusket Island has always been an important home to nesting colonies of birds. Arundel sold Outer Bald Tusket Island to the Nova Scotia Bird Society for one dollar on December 28, 1973. The bird sanctuary is still open to the public except during breeding season.

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Where in the heck is Outer Bald Tusket Island?

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