Cruiseheimers Net

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Cruiseheimers Net

An SSB net for Cruisers

0830 Eastern Every Day Rain or Shine

This net was started by cruisers to stay in touch with each other.

The Cruiseheimers Net meets each morning, seven days a week at 0830 Eastern Time on SSB 8152 kHz / 8.152 mHz. We average nearly 25 checkins/day. The net covers Eastern U.S. and Canada, The Bahamas, and northern Caribbean.

The Cruiseheimers Net Format

A net control facilitates. Informal.

  • Emergency, medical, and priority traffic
  • Announcements and Queries *
  • Check-ins for short-timers  (those who can't stay for the entire net)
  • Boats actively underway check in
  • Boats by region check in
  • Wrap-up. Net usually runs about 30 minutes.

* Queries which beg lengthy discussion will be diverted to the end of the net.   Other cruisers will standby to discuss your issue with you.

Thank You


  • Cruiseheimers isn't a club. If you're aboard your boat, you're welcome here.
  • The net is informal. We use Boat Names.
  • Keep it brief. Please take your traffic off-frequency for extended conversations.
  • Use NOAA or the legendary Chris Parker for marine conditions and forecasts.
  • Netspeak You'll master it in less than 5 minutes.

About Cruiseheimers

The Net was started in March 1997 in the Bahamas by a group of cruisers from the west coast of the U.S.
The primary founders were Roy on "Temptress", Gill on "Running Free" and Alice on "Lady Helen."
It was originally called the "West Coast/East Coast Cruiser Net."  After more boats started joining the Net, the name sounded a little exclusive, so Roy suggested the name of "Cruiseheimers."
Cruiseheimers is a term that originated in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico to describe a malady which affects many long term cruisers.  Specifically it refers to the inability to remember the day of the week, the month, and sometimes even the name of your boat or mate among other things.   It happens after you've been out for awhile.  The cruisers involved with founding the Net were all afflicted with the disorder as are all of us who have joined them.

As of autumn 2014, the net is dominated by land-based Hams. The Cruiseheimers Net now averages 22 boat check-ins/day; down from 75-100.

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10% of our net participants aren't aboard boats.

'Short Time' was conceived by Mike aboard "Sweet Dreams" in 2002.

There are seven (7) net controls; each assigned a specific day of the week.