Table of Contents

Life Aboard

5000 Days Aboard - Our milestone boataversary

Farkwar - Free app tool for position reports. Any time or place, even offshore. Social.

Liebster Award - Presented to cruising and sailing sites

Mean High Water and Vertical Clearance - Can I slip through the bridge right now?

Provisioning Backwards - Shop the sales then create the menu

Self Care - Cheap and cheerful ideas and resources.

sQuiddio Plugin - Thousands of destinations on your OpenCPN charts.

Nearly Forgotten History on the Coast

Epidemic 1855 Portsmouth, VA

Ghost Ship Sea Bird ca 1750 Easton Beach, RI

Island Nation of Outer Baldonia 1948-1973 Nova Scotia

Mail Order Brides of Jamestowne Colony, VA 1607

Pilgrims Who Stole Christmas ca 1621 Plymouth, MA

Typhoid Mary, c/o North Brother Island, NY

Vanished Seaport Sunbury, GA 1758 - 1782

Whatever Became of Benedict Arnold? 1785- 1791 Saint John, NB

Things to Do

Cruisers Bring Supplies to the Bahamas - How to volunteer.

DIY Ideas and Projects - A small collection. Some are just for fun.

How to Make Your Own Sea Salt - It's real easy.

Secchi Disk Project - You can help monitor the ocean's health with your iPhone.

Thanksgiving in St Marys, GA 2016 - "Port of Thanksgiving" Welcomes Cruisers.

Thanksgiving in St Marys Legend - Onan did it.


Fuzzybills: A Cover Story - Non-biting aquatic midges unleashed

Sky Colors - How the sky and clouds choose their colors.

WeatherWise - Intuit the weather by observing birds.

Just for fun

Live Aboard Simulator
A truly fun piece by Jonathan Ganz

69 Signs You Live on a Boat