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titlebar not displayed on tablet

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Hello Dave,
the problem was: I'm working also with a Windows version, thus accustomed to the menu bar (e.g. to switch off the light rings) and had to find this in the menues provided.
Thank you for the clarification (and for disabling the misleading selection)

Kind Regards
Dave and Peter,

I have also found the lack of keyboard shortcuts (T, L, S, A) to control ENC visibility of Text, Lights, Soundings and Anchoring Info is inconvenient on the Android tablet.

While running OpenCPN on my Windows computers, I usually keep the Menu bar turned off, but the Alt key displays it until I hit the Alt key again. While the Menu is displayed,  selecting "View" reveals a drop-down list of items that can be toggled on or off. Checkmarks on the left edge of the list indicates which items are "On". Reminders of the shortcut keys are on the right edge of the list.


OpenCPN on an Android tablet, has three dots near the top-right corner of the screen. A tap on these dots drops down a list containing some display features that can be toggled on or off. I think "Toggle ENC lights" and and "Toggle ENC anchoring info" should be added to this list.



"Lights" toggle is coming in next Release.

Thanks for the feedback


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